Rose Clear Ultra

Rose Clear Ultra

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Rose Clear Ultra.

Systemic insecticide and fungicide, ideal for roses and other ornamental plants.

Rose Clear can be used to fight an infestation of aphids or other insect pests and will also treat any fungal leaf diseases or mildew present, with fast results. The systemic acting ingredients remain in the plant for some time, protecting the plant against further attack.

 Ultra Concentrate - Key Details

  • Home garden insecticide & fungicide
  • For use on ornamental garden plants (outdoor)
  • Suitable for use from April to September
  • Spray at the first sign of disease / aphid attack and repeat at 21-28 day intervals

3 in 1 Action

  • Kills aphids (greenfly and blackfly) within 24 hours
  • Fights existing infections of blackspot, powdery mildew and rust
  • Protects plants against further infestations of aphid and disease attack

Pack Size

  • 200ml concentrate: use 20ml to 1 litre of water

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